Yonkers agency considers taking Ravine Avenue property through eminent domain
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From LoHud.com

YONKERS — The Yonkers Industrial Development Agency is considering forcibly buying a Ravine Avenue property from its owner to turn it over to an affordable housing developer.

The YIDA will hold a public hearing on Nov. 18 on 67 Ravine Ave., a property the agency may acquire through the state’s Eminent Domain Procedure Law.

Eminent domain [...]

Missing Bush? Why Republican Revisionism Won’t Sell
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As America loudly repudiates the leftist agenda of President Barack Obama and his Congressional allies, a group of partisan GOP opportunists is busy promoting a theory of “Republican revisionism.”
What does this theory hold?
Namely, that the GOP wasn’t “all that bad” – and certainly not as bad as the socialist hordes who have ostensibly pushed America [...]

Turning a New Page on Education Policy
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From The Heritage Foundation

The results of Tuesday’s election sent a clear message about the direction voters want the federal government to take. The recently released 2010 Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll What Americans Said about the Public Schools is illustrative.
Whether it’s paying the bills, setting standards, deciding what should be taught, or holding schools accountable, Americans [...]

D.C. School Choice Coalition Vows Aggressive Fight to Save Voucher Program after Congressional Gains
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From The Washington Business Wire

WASHINGTON–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Efforts to reauthorize the endangered D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program—the highly effective initiative that allows low-income D.C. schoolchildren to attend the schools of their parents’ choice—will intensify after yesterday’s historic election results, D.C. education activists promised today. The program was slated for elimination by President Obama and his Congressional [...]

Once Again, City Voters Approve Term Limits
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From The New York Times
New Yorkers voted overwhelmingly to limit politicians to two consecutive terms on Tuesday, undoing a highly contentious change to the law pushed through by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg two years ago.

It was the third time since 1993 that city voters endorsed the notion of two four-year terms and [...]

‘Limited’ uprising
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From The New York Post
Written by Michael Goodwin

Across the land, the cry is heard: Throw the bums out! The people are prepared to do exactly that on Tuesday, but there’s a catch. There’s little to stop today’s insurgent from becoming tomorrow’s bum.
Or, as a pessimist once said, many reformers take office to do good and [...]

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